Along with the usual selection of difficult-to-pull-off makeup colors and bottles of exotically shaped and sourced water, this fashion week has brought us swag that's actually appreciated: tote bags. Among the totes that have been collected in the office are a patterned black one from Rodarte, a lo-fi Madewell style that was being given away outside the Alexander Wang show, a Dan Colen-designed Ben Cho version, and a minimal black interpretation courtesy of Kai Kühne (which contained a mini bottle of vodka—thanks, Kai!). But most useful of all is the heavy-duty canvas number by SKN that was handed out at the Liz McClean presentation. Not only did it come packed with everything from instant stain remover to a book of financial tips for girls, but it will also hold up to 40 lbs. of whatever you care to fill it with—like groceries from Whole Foods, which is where we're betting it will be spotted next.

Photo: Nicola Kast editor: nancy macdonell

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