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What: SKN Reusable Grocery Totes Why: Yesterday was my first official day as a conscious consumer. I made my weekly trip to the 
grocery store and instead of bagging out with plastics, I packed my booty in a collection of canvas bags. I have to say it felt 
really good to tell the cashier, “No thanks, you can just put my groceries in these.” It was also pretty sweet that she complemented
 me on my cute totes and asked where I got them. My eco-friendly totes of choice for grocery shopping are these bags by SKN. 
 There are five different styles, each featuring a fruit or vegetable design on the front. They’re completely reusable and 
 machine-washable and each sack holds up to 40lbs. I am fond of these because they’re simple and practical, but they make a big 
 difference. Plus, what could be better for putting your groceries in than bags with food on them? Walking home from the market, 
 I was surprised at how proud I felt. Sure, switching to these bags is only a small thing on the grand scale of environmental change, 
 but it still felt good to go green...well, somewhat, anyway.
Price: $25 each, $100 for all 5
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