My bag addiction is not limited to designer clutches and diaper bags. In fact, after making a New Year's resolution two years ago to carry reusable bags with me every time I did my grocery shopping, one could argue that reusable grocery bags are my biggest addiction yet. The organic cotton totes from SKN are right up my alley.

Made from 100% U.S.-certified organic cotton, SKN organic cotton totes hold up to 40lbs, stand open for easy packing and fold flat for easy storage. More importantly, they are beautiful bags which are available in five ultra-cool designs: Carrot, Blueberry, Tomato, Lemon and Asparagus.

As if it's not enough that one SKN bag replaces about 330 bags per year, SKN will also plant a tree through American Forests' Global ReLeaf program for every tote you purchase.

At $35, this is one designer bag you can't afford not to buy.

- Teba

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