Mon Oct 22, 2007 Mom Find: Healthy SKN for a Healthy Environment
Category: Eco-Friendly Mom Bags Fashion
What: SKN Reusable Shopping Totes 
Why: Because one SKN bag replaces about 330 plastic bags per year, and óon a more superficial leveló because the bags are fabulous.  
Each reusable SKN bag is made from sturdy cotton canvas and can carry up to 40 pounds.  If you think of how many plastic bags it takes 
to haul 40 pounds of groceries, youíll be impressed, too. 
Choose from a healthy carrot, blueberry, lemon, tomato or asparagus design, but if you canít decide, go ahead and invest in the 
five-pack.  Itís one small step towards a greener lifestyle, but every little bit counts. 
Price: $24.95 each or $99.95 for set of five 
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Tip: For every order you place, SKN will plant a tree.
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