The Health Guide. The best way to bag it. Paper or Plastic? We say ditch'em both. The idea of toting your groceries in a reusable bag is nothing new - but it's gaining fresh momentum thanks to bans on 
plastic bags in cities like San Francisco and Oakland. And for good reason: Americans go through 100 billion plastic bags a year snd recycle fewer than 1 percent of them. Designers like Stella McCartney and Hermes have gotton in on the act,
 but there's no need to spend a bundle on a shopping bag - our top picks help you save the Earth in style. - Brittani Tingle SKN TOTES ($34.95; ) Strong enough to hold 40 pounds, these organic cotton totes come in five designs:
  carrot, tomato (shown here), blueberry, asparagus, and lemon - and aid conservation efforts ( a tree is planted for every order ).

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