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SKN Background

Andy & Debb
  Sept 03 2008

Global Releaf
  July 15 2008

Organic Bags
  May 15 2008
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SKN Backgrounder

Christopher DeGregorio: CEO, Creative Director
Jennifer Stevenson: COO, Lead Designer

SKN was born out of the creative minds of Christopher DeGregorio and Jennifer Stevenson, the creators of LivIn design Inc. Two designers with diverse ventures in theatre, sound production and film as well as product design, fine and decorative art.

Combining two of the things they are most passionate about, fabulous modern design and environmentally responsible living, SKN is proud to bring the savvy consumer functional products so they can do good things...Stylishly!

"We believe in sustainability, community advocacy and extraordinary design. We believe that people are at their best when they feel good inside and out. We believe that as responsible people we must take care of our planet for ourselves our children and our future generations. And we believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice style...ever!"

As of today SKN is producing five designer reusable bags. The Lemon, Tomato, Carrot, Asparagus and Blueberry Bags are fun, functional and fashionable - giving a bit of edge to our daily routine and saving our planet, one smart bag at a time. In a marketplace filled with outsourced labor and irresponsible production practices, SKN has risen to the occasion to produce artful, well-conceived pieces. It's time to bridge the gap between doing and looking good. You're Welcome!

About SKN Bags

Made in the USA (supports local economies and reduces fossil fuel use associated with imports)
Available in 100% certified organic cotton
Machine wash cold / drip dry
Hold up to 40 pounds each
Gusseted sides stand for easy packing / folds flat for easy storage
12"wide x 16" high x 6" deep

SKN Plant a Tree Initiative

SKN is proud to partner with the organization American Forests. For every order SKN receives we donate to plant a tree through one of American Forests many programs. We're all about fabulous bags. We're also about smart conscious choices supporting healthier living and our surroundings as a whole.

SKN Organic Fabric

Creating a stir from the dirt to your door! We at SKN are pleased to provide a certified organic bag for our customers as yet another way to be eco-conscious and earth-friendly. SKN designer organic grocery totes are grown, woven and sewn all in the U.S. Our certified organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, promoting a healthier, happier planet.

Our organic bags are certified by the New Mexico Organic Commodity Commission (NMOCC). NMOCC is an accredited organization by the USDA/National Organic Program (NOP), which sets the legal standard for organic products in the U.S. NMOCC is also compliant with ISO Guide 65: 1996 requirements, which must be met by some producers for export to the EU.

By law, organic cotton is grown using only natural and eco-friendly fertilizers and farming methods. There are no pesticides, harmful chemicals or non-organic agricultural substances used. The environment where the cotton is grown, including soil and water quality, must be left in as good a condition as it was, or better.

For a piece of land to be used for organic production, it must not have had any prohibited materials (such as synthetic fertilizers or pesticides) used on it for a minimum of 3 years, thus providing a clean slate.

Stay tuned for upcoming products from SKN and until then enjoy the guilt free purchasing of our Designer Reusable Grocery Bags. We are currently available at as well as other online and brick and mortar stores near you.


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