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Our Organic Cotton Bags - What's all the buzz about?

Our organic bags which are Grown Woven and Sewn in the USA are certified organic by the New Mexico Organic Commodity Commission or NMOCC. NMOCC is an accredited organization by the USDA/ National Organic Program or NOP which sets the legal standard for organic products in the U.S. NMOCC is also compliant with ISO Guide 65 1996 required by some producers for export into the EU.

By law, organic cotton is grown using only natural and eco-friendly fertilizers and farming methods. There are no pesticides, harmful chemicals or non-organic agricultural substances used. The environment where the cotton is grown must be left in as good a shape as it was or better including soil and water quality. Farmers must also implement techniques that will maintain or benefit soil quality and prevent erosion.

In order for a piece of land to be used for organic production it must not have had any of the prohibited materials (such as synthetic fertilizers or pesticides) used on it for a minimum of 3 years. Thus providing a clean slate.

Certified organic farms are held to a strict standard maintained by meticulous record keeping and continuous inspection. We here at SKN are pleased to provide a certified organic bag for our customers as yet another way to be eco-conscious and earth friendly.