SKN was born out of the creative minds of two designers with diverse ventures in theatre, sound production and film as well as product design, fine and decorative art.

Combining two of the things they are most passionate about, good sensible design and environmentally responsible living, this design savvy partnership is proud to bring you SKN - A modern design company merging fresh design with planetary preservation.

Enjoy, and do good things...stylishly.

American Forests:
With every order you place SKN will plant a tree through American Forests ( American Forests was founded in 1875 and is the United States oldest non-profit citizen's conservation organization. They are a world leader in planting trees for environmental restoration, a pioneer in the science and practice of urban forestry, and a primary communicator in the benefits of trees and forests.

Some current ongoing projects include:

  • The Katrina Releaf Fund, which plants trees to help restore communities and improve the land along the gulf coast.
  • The Wildfire ReLeaf program which is a large-scale tree planting initiative started in 1999 to plant millions of trees in areas scorched by catastrophic wildfires.
  • The Global Releaf International which has helped restore the natural habitat for the Siberian Tiger in Eastern Russia, replant the war torn city of Sarajevo after residents were forced to cut trees for fuel, and reforest the tree canopy of Orangutan habitat in Indonesia and Malaysia.

We are proud to ship using United States Post Office Priority Mail whenever possible. The USPS is the only mailing or shipping company in the nation to achieve "Cradle to Cradle" Certification at the silver level from MBDC (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry) for human and environmental health.

"Cradle to Cradle" Certification is a scientifically based process that reviews specific criteria to assess the environmental attributes of materials used in products. All materials were examined using 39 criteria for environmental and human health, including toxicity, renewable energy, water stewardship, recyclability and other manufacturing attributes.

Based on the recycled content of the more than 500 million express and priority mail packages and envelopes the postal service provides its customers each year , more than 15,000 metric tons of carbon equivalent emissions (climate change gases) will now be prevented annually. The boxes and envelopes are also 100% recyclable.

Our Organic Cotton Bags:
Our organic bags are certified organic by the New Mexico Organic Commodity Commission or NMOCC. NMOCC is an accredited organization by the USDA/ National Organic Program or NOP which sets the legal standard for organic products in the U.S. NMOCC is also compliant with ISO Guide 65 1996 required by some producers for export into the EU.

By law, organic cotton is grown using only natural and eco-friendly fertilizers and farming methods. There are no pesticides, harmful chemicals or non-organic agricultural substances used. The environment where the cotton is grown must be left in as good a shape as it was or better including soil and water quality. Farmers must also implement techniques that will maintain or benefit soil quality and prevent erosion.

In order for a piece of land to be used for organic production it must not have had any of the prohibited materials (such as synthetic fertilizers or pesticides) used on it for a minimum of 3 years. Thus providing a clean slate.

Certified organic farms are held to a strict standard maintained by meticulous record keeping and continuous inspection. We here at SKN are please to provide a certified organic bag for our customers as yet another way to be eco-conscious and earth friendly.